Consistency! My DFinney Photo Mentoring Wrap Up.

Them:You do that so well. How do you do it?

Me:  “Well, ummm, first, ummm, then I *blank stare* well i can’t quite explain all the details, you just have to watch me.” <---- famous words.

Photography is something I love, but explaining, even to myself, how to consistently get a ‘good’ image wasn’t always easy. The worst is having trusting people in front of your camera and you’re fumbling through your settings because you just can’t get right. 

Since December 4th of this year, I hope that is a thing of the past for me.  I had the privilege of attending DFinney Photo’s  last mentoring session of 2015.  It's not until someone asks you how long have you been doing a thing until you actually realize, wow, I’ve been at this a while! Then the next emotion is, I should know better, then the following emotion is snap out of it and absorb. That is what I did. Danni teaches with such simplicity, if you’re a person who likes to complicate things it can be hard to comprehend. Such thought was put into the class, choosing the model, locations, literally everything. I now walk down the street noticing natural reflectors and holding myself back from asking strangers ‘Can I take your photo? This light is great!' I used to comment on Danni’s photos and say ‘you had to use flash for THIS one’ and her response was always, au naturale. I’m grateful that she takes time out to help others. One of the first things she said the morning of the mentoring session was,  'I’m not trying to groom an army of little DFinneys'. We all have personal style, and thats a beautiful thing about us as individuals,  but we can learn so much from each other. Thank you Danni!! 

Our model for the day, Akua was EVERYTHING!